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— Doreen Creede's work and awards, plus the making of a Style Maniac.


DOREEN CREEDE: Telling Stories With Style

As a girl, Doreen Creede could most often be found scribbling stories, rearranging her room, reading under the covers till dawn and searching for that perfect pair of party shoes. 

Not much has changed.

Over the years that passion for absorbing stories and enticing environments has taken the form of performing makeover miracles on HGTV, covering Philly's shopping scene for magazines, teaching party planning to NFL execs, producing corporate videos and PR programs, curating wardrobe for TV characters and helping women of all shapes and ages feel fabulous.

Bringing together her love of stories, style, pretty things, honest talk and joyful living, Doreen created the lifestyle blog Style Maniac in 2009. Offering smart tips, insider perks and upbeat inspiration for living a happier, more beautiful life, the blog has garnered a loyal community of readers and collaborations with notable brands.  

Furthering connections forged online, Doreen co-founded three organizations supporting and connecting businesswomen and bloggers worldwide.   To share the transformative act of reading she has volunteered as an adult literacy teacher and director of tutoring programs for at-risk youth.  She is honored to have been named one of the XIX Most Fashionable Women in Philadelphia,  an award recognizing both personal style and service to her city.

Today, Doreen can still be found spinning tales and making places pretty -- now for TV viewers, blog readers and clients. She is currently producing the fashion documentary Cheesesteak Chic: How Philadelphia Influenced American Fashion, which features some of the most famous designers, coveted brands and influential icons of our time, and brings together four of Doreen’s passions: Fashion, Film, Philadelphia and telling a great story, with style.


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