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books Doreen Creede photo by AlbFor philadelphia brickbat _DSC_1545 (1024x682).jpg

—  About

What do a website, TV show, magazine feature have in common?

At heart, each is about telling a story.
For nearly three decades I've been telling stories in some form. From writing for magazines to performing makeover miracles on HGTV to sharing secrets for living a happier, more beautiful life, I've told style stories on air, online, in print and in person.
Whether for a production, site or special project, I'd love to help tell your story ... with style.
xoxo Doreen

—  Services

Creative Consultant
On-Camera Talent for lifestyle shows
Production Design + Set Decoration
Wardrobe + Product Placement Consulting
Website Styling + Content
Styling for photo shoots, web, video
Seminars + Special Projects + Speaking Engagements


Bookings + Get In Touch

215-429-2000  |  email   


Literary Representation

Carla Glasser | The Betsy Nolan Literary Agency


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