Wardrobe Consultant + Product Placement
Secured seven high-end brand sponsors and $13k of product for micro-budget indie original scripted series.

Executive Producers: Sarah Marie Hawkins & Myah Hollis
Director: Camila Martins
Set Photographer: Caroline J. Phillips
Starring: Jenny Austin, Sarah Marie Hawkins, 
Myah Hollis, Chelsea London Lloyd

ODT movie poster.png

With aesthetically integrated wardrobe selections I helped tell the story of four millennial women fighting to make their Hollywood dreams come true ... OR DIE TRYING.

(The creators of the series happen to also be four incredible millennial women fighting to make their Hollywood dreams come true--and crack the celluloid ceiling by hiring a mostly female cast and crew.  I adored working with them.)

ODT series wardrobe consultant Kristina George handbags and Sunski sunglasses.JPG
TV ODT lead cast wearing brands photo carolinejphillips.jpg

My approach to product placement is to only bring in what I would have chosen without affiliation:  wardrobe and decor that enhance a character, help tell a story and complement the look of the production.  The product should feel organic and integrated, not a glaring ad.  As shown in these stills of the lead cast, the wardrobe and accessory brands melded seamlessly into the look of OR DIE TRYING.

The brand sponsors also played other key roles:
giving clout to an indie production, saving considerable money and becoming marketing partners.

TV ODT wardrobe.jpg
odt wardrobe sunski daytwo-277.jpg

CARLEY RYDBERG  (luxury clothing)
HARI MARI  (flip flops)
 PORT DE BRAS (luxury yoga wear)
SUNSKI  (sunglasses)
TRUTH BE WORN (custom wrap dresses)

ODT Hari Mari.jpg

"We are so grateful for the amazing work Doreen contributed to OR DIE TRYING, Season 1, and would recommend her to any other independent project looking to elevate their work with brand sponsorships."

- Sarah Hawkins, Executive Producer, OR DIE TRYING